my journey

Service has been an outstanding constant in my life, one which continues to define my work even to this day. Being in service to others has emphasized the tenants of dedication, selflessness, and devotion - all of which have come through my journey of ukuThwasa.

our goal

To be a conduit for healing. Our ancestors, amaThongo, are an endless well of knowledge and wisdom - one which can be readily accessed through Ceremony, Cleansing, or Consultation. Helping others heal the familial bonds, sometimes broken many generations past, has become a key element of my approach. This communion is expressable through spirit and tangible methods as well, all of which are explored at Rancho mPondo.

Rancho mPondo


the homestead

Located a short distance North of downtown Olympia, WA Rancho mPondo has become our home and place of ancestral communion. Through the homestead, we are able to connect others with the tools and experiences that make it possible to facilitate Ancestral Healing.

a house of healing

Healing begins and ends with our ancestors, amaThongo. Through them, we are guided to our highest potential. Rancho mPondo is a place of peace and communal gathering. We strive for a place free from dogmatic limitations or mentalities that shun the needs of others. Come as you are, leave as you will.

Together, we can do amazing things.


Malivume is a traditional healer located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Practicing at Rancho mPondo, we employ indigenous methods such as ceremony, cleansing, and ritual to help others.

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