Healing begins and ends with our ancestors, our amaThongo. Through them, we have access to an endless well of knowledge and wisdom - all of which are accessible through ceremony. Malivume helps others commune with their ancestors through Forest, River, and Sea ceremonies.

Given the highly specific nature of this offering, bookings happen through Malivume's free 15-minute consult. Traditionally, a client offers the Sangoma chickens, a goat, or a cow for this service - depending on the need. Since these are not a form of currency in the US, you can expect a ceremony to cost anywhere between $100-$1,200.

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The spirits of our ancestors dance day and night among the forest floors of this world. Spend your time honoring their lives by casting a fire, howling at the moon and dancing until the sun comes up.

Sea Ceremony1

Rivers become the super-highways of the ancestors and therefore serve as wonderful fountains of knowledge and healing.


Life originates from water. Thus, the most potent and powerful places for ancestral knowledge can be found at the sea, also referred to as "The Big House"; where all life begins and ends.



Malivume is a traditional healer located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Practicing at Rancho mPondo, we employ indigenous methods such as ceremony, cleansing, and ritual to help others.

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