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It’s Your Time



The services I offer are centered around connecting others with their amaThongo/ancestors. My job is to facilitate your relationship with healing and bring them closer to your life. Using rituals and ceremonies from South African Xhosa culture, coupled with native medicines derived from wild herbs, together we will use methods that have been developed for thousands of years to give you the tools necessary to establish a lasting connection. Creating a safe space to heal and celebrate is a major part of my calling, and my experiences are at your service.

Malivume leans over a candle to begin a ceremony


Consultation is the first step in determining the right path we take together. Whether it’s finding clarity on an important issue, interpreting recurring dreams, desiring to ask your ancestors (amaThongo) a direct question, or deciding on the correct medicine for a treatment session; a consult is the best way for us to begin working together.

Home Cleansing

Recently moved into a new space or wanting to cleanse the home you’ve been in for a while? This process is a powerful way of welcoming your amaThongo (ancestors) into your home, establishing a pure space for your family. This process usually takes a few hours, depending on the size of your home/land, and is intended to set the spiritual foundations for your amaThongo (ancestors) connection to your family’s home. A vital step in the healing process and essential for every home, this ritual is one of my most popular.


A medicinal steam-bath designed to open a gateway for you to connect with your amaThongo (ancestors). Performed in the early hours of the morning, before the sun rises, we combine specific herbs into boiling water and the rising steam provides the medicine; determined after a consultation. Placing a blanket over the pot and the recipient creates an environment for the medicinal steam to be absorbed into the body.